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Psyche refers to the human soul, spirit and mind. Consisting of the three senses, it is the immaterial part of a person that is responsible for one's thoughts and feelings.
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Psyche was a princess who married Eros, the god of love, in Greek mythology. She is the goddess of the soul. Some say this myth is similar to Beauty and the Beast.
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Psyche was the personification of the passion of love in Greek and Roman mythology. In the story of Cupid/Eros and Psyche she started out as a human woman who insulted Venus/Aphrodite
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The name Psyche means 'breath' or 'the soul' in Greek where it originates. Psyche is generally used as a girl's name and it is pronounced Sy-kee with a variant ...
The name Psyche is of Greek origin where it means 'soul' or 'breath'. It is a feminine name and is common in Greek speaking countries. Other similar variants of ...
The second Greek root to the word psychosomatic is somatos which means 'body'. Its fist Greek root work is psyche which means 'mind'. Psychosomatic means physical ...
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