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The term quadrant refers to an arc equal to one quarter of the circumference of a circle. It also refers to an instrument for measuring altitudes consisting commonly of a graduated arc of 90 degrees with an index having a plumb line for fixing the vertical or horizontal direction. The other meaning of quadrant is any of the four areas into which a plane is divided by two orthogonal coordinate axes.
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a quarter of a circle; an arc of 90°.
the area included between such an arc and two radii drawn one to each extremity.
something shaped like a quarter of a circle, as a part of a machine.
Geometry, Astronomy one of the four parts into which a plane, as the face of a heavenly body, is divided by two perpendicular lines, numbered counterclockwise from upper right: the first quadrant of the moon.
an instrument, usually containing a graduated arc of 90°, used in astronomy, navigation, etc., for measuring altitudes.
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A quadrant is easily defined as a quarter of the circumference of a circle. It can also be described by the area enclosed by two perpendicular radii of a circle.
: Quadrants refers to a a division of the Cartesian, usually, rectangular Cartesian, coordinate system. (They are called Cartesian because the idea was developed by the mathematician
The upper-right quadrant, also referred to as the Quadrant I, will only contain points that lie within the range of 0 to positive infinity for both the x and y axis. Therefore, any
Quadrants:1:a quarter of the circumference of a circle; 2:any of the four areas into which a
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