What does "quirky" mean?


According to Merriam-Webster, "quirky" describes something that is strange or different from the ordinary in a peculiar way that causes curiosity or suspicion. An unusual habit or occurrence may also be called "quirky."

"Quirky" describes objects, people and even places. Quirky weather describes weather that is very different from what is expected, such as very hot days in midwinter. An individual who dresses or behaves in a manner that is bizarre or peculiar is described as quirky. Even a machine that does not operate as expected has its quirks or is quirky. Some synonyms for quirky are offbeat, peculiar, outlandish, curious and bizarre.

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1. Realize what your definition of "quirky" is. This article assumes at the very least that quirky is about being an offbeat and unexpected individual who knows where they
First take a moment to consider all the people you know and various traits of theirs that are most memorable. Do they tell jokes a lot, or do they have a very odd way of pronouncing
I think it's a lot, lot simpler than Anon User makes it out to be. "Quirky" is all in the beholder, not in the one being described. It does not connote specific traits like
Quirkiness is an abrupt twist or curve or a peculiar trait or idiosyncrasy. Need more information?
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having or full of quirks.
Source: Dictionary.com
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