What Does Rebellious Mean?


Rebellious means resisting some type of authority. Synonyms include defiant, disobedient, unruly, insurgent and more. Antonyms include compliant, governable, obedient and more.
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defying or resisting some established authority, government, or tradition; insubordinate; inclined to rebel.
pertaining to or characteristic of rebels or rebellion.
(of things) resisting treatment; refractory.
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A rebellious person is one who goes against the standards that others have set. Typically, when someone talks about rebellion, they are referring to adolescents and teenagers. Teenagers
People with rebellious attitudes may exhibit a concrete will to do the opposite of what is expected of them. For this reason, many rebellious spirits are creative because they tend
1 Be yourself. Don't be afraid to be yourself. Buy clothes that express the way you feel and wear them when you feel like it. If you are feeling really upset one day then you'll probably
Rebellious:1:resisting control or authority; 2:discontented as toward authority; 3:participating
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