What Does Robin Say to Batman Holy?


Robin says a number of things to Batman that begin with the word holy. Examples are, holy alter ego, holy icepicks, holy ball and chain, and many more.
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Robin said 'Holy blank Batman' in every episode to fit the situation. 'Holy
Whatever the situation called for. If the joker had 10,000 buckets of boiling water he'd say "Holy buckets Batman" If the riddler had 10 laser canons he'd say "Holy
ive heard "Holy rusted metal batman! from one of their old movies and then somone said that he also said "holy guacamole! in the old tv show.
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Batman's silly side kick, Robin, had dozens of phrases that he used when talking to batman. He liked to begin these phrases with 'holy' and end them with 'Batman'. These nonsensical phrases were comical despite their irrelevance. 'Holy Batman, Batman' is one of the most well known.
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Robin's catchphrase was 'Holy *insert funny phrase*, Batman!'. There were several different words that Robin used. Many of them were funny phrases that usually ...
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