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The term romantic means marked by the imaginative or emotional appeal of what is remote, mysterious, heroic, adventurous, or idealised. It also means of or relating to music of the 19th century characterized by an emphasis on subjective emotional qualities. The other meaning of romantic is conducive to or suitable for lovemaking.
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1. Start with small considerate acts of affection. Running a bubble bath for your partner or buying them flowers for no reason can show your commitment to the relationship. Romance
Start with drinks someplace exotic, like a rotating rooftop restaurant or jazz club. Get tickets for the ballet, symphony or opera. Finish off with dinner at an award winning restaurant
1. Give thoughtful gifts. Though flowers or chocolate can make almost anyone smile, you can surprise your loved one even more if you give a gift tailored to his or her personality
Set the Mood. The table and the scent of the room are the most important things to consider when setting the mood. When decorating the table, consider lighting candles and creating
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of, pertaining to, or of the nature of romance; characteristic or suggestive of the world of romance: a romantic adventure.
fanciful; impractical; unrealistic: romantic ideas.
imbued with or dominated by idealism, a desire for adventure, chivalry, etc.
characterized by a preoccupation with love or by the idealizing of love or one's beloved.
displaying or expressing love or strong affection.
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