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The acronym RR can stand for various things including 'Risk Reduction', 'Relative Risk', 'Rules and Regulations' and 'Research Report' among others. In physiology, the initials are used to stand for 'Respiratory Rate'. Its use is also field specific as it may be interpreted differently by different professionals.
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Russian Revolution.
RR can mean many things including but not limited to: Research and Reference, Road Runner,
Relative Risk (medical/statistical)
RR stands for Race Replica. Source(s) Honda & Suzuki Service Technician. Graduate of MMI (Motorcycle Mechanics Institute) Phoenix Az. 25+ years riding experience.
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R&r stands for; Rock and Roll, Rules and Regulations, Read and Review, Recruitment & Retention, Repair and Replace, Repeatability and Reliability, Rate ...
Marketing & Research Resources, Inc (Frederick, MD) ...
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