What does "run of house" mean?


In the hospitality world, the phrase "run of house" means that the hotel has priced all of its rooms at the same rate, according to About.com. As a result, reservations are available at a first-come, first-served basis. A guest stays in whatever room the hotel has available. Generally, a guest is offered the best room available at that time.

Run of house is related to a few other hospitality terms. The rack rate is the price charged for a hotel room before any discounts are applied. The set rate for a room is sometimes higher than it really is in order to later calculate discounts. Someone walking into a hotel and asking for a room for the night can expect to pay a higher price than if he had booked the room in advance.

The walk-up rate is the price charged to someone without reservations at that particular hotel. Usually, a higher rate is charged to the person without prior reservations, but under these circumstances, the price is negotiable.

"Accommodation on arrival" is a related term used in reference to a special holiday travel package that includes a hotel reservation. The individual does not know the name or location of the hotel until arriving at the destination.

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