What Does Salt Fish Look like?


A salt fish is a fresh fish which has been cured by salt and dried in order for moisture to be extracted. It can be with bones or boneless, whereby the bones have been removed before preparation. They often feed on algae or vegetables.
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Saltfish is a fresh water fish. It is salted and then dried and if stored in a cool place will last for years. It is usually made from cod. The rumor is that it's head is like a human head with ears!
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Salt fish, or salted fish, is not a type of fish. It is actually a type of food preservation technique. It involves storing the fish in large quantities of salt. So what the salt
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1. Gut and clean the fish. First, cut off its head and slice through the bottom of the fish from head to tail to allow it to bleed. Then cut the fish open, remove its innards and
1. Understand how environmental factors affect fish. Not all fish can live in the same kinds of waters. Different species need different sets of environmental conditions, including:
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