What Does Sasha Fierce Mean?


The name Sasha Fierce doesn't mean anything. It is an alter ego created by Beyonce for an album. Beyonce stated in an interview with People magazine that Sasha Fierce was simply an alter ego for state use.
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sasha fierce is beyonces onstage name and the name of her new album
Sasha Fierce is the newly revealed alter ego of Beyonce Knowles, and the title of her new
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Sasha Fierce is her alter ego. She is Wild, Sexy, and Confident. Beyonce however is Sweet, Romantic, and Sensual. They are both Beyonce, and in this album she is showing everyone
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Sasha Fierce is the alter ego that was created by Beyonce Knowles. She represents the more aggressive, outspoken side, sensual and more glamorous side of her, ...
Beyonce's third album known as 'I am Sasha Fierce' got the name from the fact that it was released in dual disc format. This means that it has two discs; one known ...
Sasha is a name that is assigned to a girl and it means `protector of mankind`. The name has it's origin from both Greek and Russia. It is the short form of Alexander ...
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