What does "sassy" mean?


Sassy is a term used to define a person who is bold, full of spirit, lively and sometimes cheeky. A sassy person exudes a great sense of confidence and tends to be increasingly audible and visible. Sassy people can sometimes cause discord as they tend to be more disagreeable.
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impertinent; insolent; saucy: a sassy reply; a sassy teen.
pert; boldly smart; saucy: a sassy red handbag.
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The word sassy means stylish and chic though it also means rude, disrespectful and impudent. On the other hand, Sassy is a very popular female name in the US and it means 'Saxon'. It is a form of the earlier name Saskia.
Sassy could be used to describe something or someone to be fresh or bold. It could also mean bold spirited, cheeky, saucy, vigorous or someone being lively.
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