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A scale describes the ratio between the size of a representation or model of an object and the actual object itself. An example is the scale seen on most maps to show how large they are.
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any thin, platelike piece, lamina, or flake that peels off from a surface, as from the skin.
a coating or incrustation, as on the inside of a boiler, formed by the precipitation of salts from the water.
to remove the scales or scale from: to scale a fish.
to remove in scales or thin layers.
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Scale has a few different meanings, you can build something to scale which means it is the exact same design but in an accurate smaller package, you can play a scale which means you are playing eight consecutive musical notes, you can step on a scale to check your weight or you can scale a fish where you remove the scales from a fish.
Scale is an instrument used for measuring. Has a beam supported freely in the center. It has two dishes of equal weight that is suspended from the end.
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A scale can mean different things. There is a musical scale which contains twelve notes. A scale can also be on a map, which lets you know how big the distance actually is. A scale
A musical scale consists of seven notes and the octave note of the root, the first note of the scale. Musical notes run from A to G, then back to A, with half-step intervals between
A scale is a collection of frequencies which sound good together. "Sounding good" is a cultural judgment, not a physical one, but it's informed by physics. The most important
1. If a kitchen scale is not showing weight correctly, it may be because food and other particles are sticking to the scale. Obtain a slightly wet paper towel and wipe the scale with
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The definition of scale is diverse. Mainly, it refers to the relative dimensions, without difference in proportion of parts; size or degree of the parts or components ...
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