What does seeing a white dove mean?


The sighting of a white dove is most commonly said to represent purity, love and peace. It is also believed that spotting a white dove should be a reminder to reconnect with your spirituality or a loved one.

Dove sightings indicate the beginning or ending of a life-changing event. The dove is also used as a symbol of a promise or covenant. In biblical stories the dove is a reoccurring symbol that is used in multiple stories to represent the purity of Christ, or God’s promises. Seeing a dove can also serve as a reminder to take steps to ease tension and relieve stress.

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It represents the Holy Spirit. It may also represent a sign from the Holy Spirit if you have requested one.
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A white dove is usually associated with the Holy Spirit. Seeing one could be a
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A white dove means peace and regeneration. If a white dove is at your house, it can be said that you are being blessed with peace. ...
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