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Semiformal dress code or in other words After Five tells you that it is not required tuxedos or long evening dresses. Men can wear dark business suit, matching vest, white shirt, and tie. Ladies can choose from short afternoon dress or long dressy skirt and nice top.
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Semi Formal for women means dressing nice but not for a ball. Slacks, Nice Blouse dress shoes or a nice dress but doesn't have to be an evening gown. Men would need to wear a suit, tie and dress shoes. Men would not need to be in a tux to be semi formal but a step down.
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Semi formal attire for men is a type of clothing that men can wear to business meetings, conferences, weddings and in some cases to parties. Semi formal dress ...
Semi-formal wear often indicates that men are not required to arrive in a tuxedo and women can opt out of a long formal gown and come dressed in a cocktail dress ...
According to fashion experts at the Global Post, a semiformal event requires dark suits for men and cocktail dresses for women. Attire for semiformal office parties ...
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