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A series is a connected chain, line or series of events or things. Mathematically, it describes a series of numbers that are systematically arranged following the application of a formula; so as to get the number in the sequence. An example includes the Fibonacci sequence.
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1. Note that the first two numbers in the Fibonacci Sequence are same: 1 and 1. Ad. 2. Any other number in the Fibonacci Sequence is the sum of the two immediately preceding numbers
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Patterns appear everywhere in your daily life. In mathematics, a pattern refers to distinct similarities between numbers. You begin to learn number patterns in kindergarten through
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the following of one thing after another; succession.
order of succession: a list of books in alphabetical sequence.
a continuous or connected series: a sonnet sequence.
something that follows; a subsequent event; result; consequence.
Music. a melodic or harmonic pattern repeated three or more times at different pitches with or without modulation.
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Sequence means the next thing in line. The next step to take can also be a definition of sequence. In a story line, the sequence would be the next thing or event to happen.
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