What Does Sewing Your Wild Oats Mean?


Sewing your wild oats is a common phrase used. This is mostly in reference to the foolish acts in someones youth years. This refers to numerous sexual relationships.
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Sow wild oats refers to a time in a person's life when they
Wild oats reproduce by seed, continuing to germinate throughout the growing season. Seeds can remain dormant in the soil for seven to eight years, however most often germinate within
They reap what they sow exactly how the Bible describes it! We go through chastisement if we are Christians. But if not saved, it partly depends on if people are praying for you what
Actually the phrase is "sowing your oats" referring to the planting of oats in a field.
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Having many different sexual partners (not necessarily at the same time) and not being tied down to one person in a relationship. ...
To 'sow one's wild oats' means to live promiscuously and ...
The idiom, 'to sow ones wild oats' refers to the act of one person who goes on impregnating women or having sex with many females before getting to marriage. This ...
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