What does the diet of a shrimp consist of?


Shrimp are scavengers. They will eat anything they come across dead or alive. Their diet is usually plants and small animals. They even eat each other.
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snail, water fela , rabbit fruit fly snail, water fela , rabbit fruit fly
Shrimp and prawns are able to filter food through their gills. They feed on the suspended zooplankton that make up a large percentage of the biomass in the ocean. These often microscopic
Nutria have a varied diet and can feed on many different types of plant life. They live in semi-aquatic marsh lands and will feed on different types of marsh grasses and vegetation.
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The size of the shrimp depends on what their diet is. A small shrimp is probably limited to plankton. Plankton is comprised of very small animals and plants floating in the ocean. Large shrimp are able to eat other shrimp, small animals, and even scavenge dead animals. You can find more information here: http://www.heiploeg.nl/wat-eet-een-garnaal.en_US.html
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