SIM Card Registration Failed?


SIM card registration failed means that you are using a SIM card that is not activated on your phone or your phone has a lost or stolen bar in place on it.
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1. Power your device off. 2. Remove the SIM card. (For mobile phones, remove the battery and SIM card. Wait a few moments. 3. Reinsert the battery (if applicable) and SIM card. Turn
This happened with me and all it means is that your SIM card has expired, because you havent made or call or text within a certain amount of time. =
Sim card Registration Failed! In nokia phones when the sim card is apiece from the sim tray then it shows. Other wise if your sim have facing problem on its ram then the sim tray
This is what happened to my 5230 before..suggest u try to contact ur service provider to check ur sim registration details.normally,registration failed when u type a wrong pin code
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The error message "SIM card registration failed" indicates that the phone is having trouble reading the electronic information encoded on the SIM card. ...
In my experience PUK means Pin Unlock Key. This happens when you enter your PIN number incorrectly three times. You have to call your cell service provider to ...
That means your contact list is full of names and numbers when you SIM card says its full. I would go through and delete the people if you can't remember their ...
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