What Does Smoking Do to the Skin?


Smoking has a number of effects on the skin including: reducing blood flow to the skin, causing the skin to look dry and sallow, staining the skin, delaying wound healing and causing premature skin ageing and wrinkling.
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What Does Smoking Do to Your Skin
Smoking is primarily a recreational activity that has been practiced by many different cultures for hundreds of years. It's a practice where tobacco, or other type of similar substance, is burned and the smoke usually inhaled or tasted. Today, the most... More »
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Smoking affects the skin in a variety of ways such as causing dry skin hence causing premature ageing due to nicotine which is a diuretic substance. It also reduces ...
Our lifestyles such as smoking affect our skin in different ways. For instance, smoking can cause early wrinkles and accelerate the overall aging of your skin. ...
Smoking not only affects the inside of your body, but affects the way you look because it can age your appearance. Smoking affects your skin in the form of wrinkles ...
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