What Does Soda Contain?


There are many things in soda, and very few if any are good. Soda contains the following: sugar, caffeine, phosphorous, aspartame, and carbon acids. Soda does contain some water, but not enough to be good for you.
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If you are asking about soda drinks, they contain a high fructose corn syrup, additive dye, acid and caffeine. One can of soda has about ten to twelve teaspoons of sugar which is equal to 40-48 grams. Some drinks contain more such as Mt. Dew.
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Soda kills plants because it contains a high concentration of carbonic acid. Due to that it eats away at the roots and eventually leads to the killing or death ...
The ingredients of the soda Sprite include carbonated water, citric acid, sugar, and sodium citrate. It also contains flavoring and sodium benzoate. ...
Coffee and soda both have risks associated with use. Both contain caffeine, which can be harmful in large amounts. Carbonation in soda affects the body's ability ...
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