What Is the Meaning of Soho?


The term soho refers to a district in south-western Manhattan, which is well known for its shops and restaurants. However, this word can also be an acronym for Single Owner Home Office and Safety and Occupational Health Office.
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[soh-hoh, soh-hoh]
a district in London, England, including Soho Square: a predominantly foreign section since 1685; noted for its restaurants.
Source: Dictionary.com
SOHO can stand for a few things. In astrology, SOHO stands for Solar Heliospheric Observatory. In business terms, it means Small Office/Home Office.
Soho is an abbreviation used for many things, but in astronomy, it refers to the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, which is a spacecraft launched on the 2nd of december 1995, designed to study the Sun, and actually also discovered a staggerign amount of comets.
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