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Speaking in tongues is a religious practice in which an individual vocalises phrases from another language, usually under the influence of the Holy Spirit. It is normally seen as a sign of spiritual maturity and anointment.
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speaking in tongues
a form of glossolalia in which a person experiencing religious ecstasy utters incomprehensible sounds that the speaker believes are a language spoken through him or her by a deity.
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Some people say that speaking in tongues is a spiritual gift in some religous organiztions. Its more used in Pentecostal Christianity.
Understanding the Beliefs Attend a charismatic church or organization that is known to have members speak in tongues on occasion. Speak with a preacher or other leader within that
1 Realize that "speaking in tongues" was promised by Jesus and was to accompany belief: And these signs will accompany those who believe: in my name ...; they will speak
Penecostal or however you spell it!
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In the biblical context, speaking in tongues is the phenomena of a person speaking in a language that is unknown to him or her. This is usually an indication that ...
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