What Does Squid Eat?


A squid's diet consists of shrimp, plankton, crabs, and small plants. Squid also eat small fish. Larger squid will sometimes feed on smaller squid, as well.
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There are 300 known species of squid and their diets vary somewhat based on their size. All squid are carnivores. They've been known to eat many animals including crustaceans, fish and even other squid. You can find more information here: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/what-do-squid-eat.html
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Squids are an unusual looking invertebrate. They have long tentacles and beak like mouths. Squid will squirt out fluids when under attack and also swim backward. ...
The natural predators of squid are humans, whales, sharks, crab and big fish such as the tuna. Squid is widely used in authentic Asian cuisine! ...
Squid are commonly found in the ocean. Since they are so common, many fish found in salt water will eat squid. In fact, many people who are fishing in salt water ...
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