What Does Squid Eat?


A squid's diet consists of shrimp, plankton, crabs, and small plants. Squid also eat small fish. Larger squid will sometimes feed on smaller squid, as well.
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Colossal squid, also called Antarctic cranch squid, live near Antarctic at depths of a mile or even two miles. Scientists do not know what it eats. Juveniles are prey for elephant
Squids are favourite prey to many fish species, as well as to many whales. The giant squids
Sagebrush Voles inhabit the western section of the United States and southwestern Canada. They eat grass and leaves during summer months, and in colder months, their diet consists
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There are 300 known species of squid and their diets vary somewhat based on their size. All squid are carnivores. They've been known to eat many animals including crustaceans, fish and even other squid. You can find more information here: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/what-do-squid-eat.html
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