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SrA is a rank in the United States Air Force, also known as senior airman, which is given to a fourth enlisted officer, just above the Airman First Class and below the Staff Sergeant. The acronym may also be used to refer to Strategic Rail Authority, Secretary­a de la Reforma Agraria, Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sentencing Reform Act.
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Science Research Associates.
The Society of Research Administrators International is a 501(c)3) nonprofit
SRA is the 'Southern Resource Area' ie the tin of Malaysia and the oil of Indonesia ( Dutch East Indies) that the Japanese were going to seize to establish the "Great East Asia
Search and Rescue Antenna (receive)
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This is also known as a Simple Rational Approximation. It is a subset of interpolating methods using rational functions. A given function with a specific rational function. It lies in finding the the zeros of secular functions.
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