How to Build a Stock Car?


A stock car is built much like any other car, but it has very specific high performance equipment. The only part of a stock car that is "stock" is the name. Most of the car's parts are custom made and handcrafted.
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stock car
a standard model of automobile changed in various ways for racing purposes.
Railroads. a boxcar for carrying livestock.
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1. Draw a rectangle in the center of your paper. Size it according to how large or small you want your final art to be, as this shape will serve as the guideline to make the stock
1 Buy a cheap model muscle car such as a Chevelle or Nova, and a stockcar like Tony stewart's or Jeff gordon's. Ad 2 Take the muscle car's body and increase the size of the fender
The. Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4 is currently the fastest car straight off the lot.
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