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Sublimation is the vaporization of a liquid by heating without passing through the liquid state. In religious terms it refers to the act of purification.
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Psychology the diversion of the energy of a sexual or other biological impulse from its immediate goal to one of a more acceptable social, moral, or aesthetic nature or use.
Chemistry the act, fact, or process of subliming.
a purification or refinement; ennoblement.
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Sublimation means changing from a solid state to a gaseous state without becoming a liquid first. Dry ice is the perfect example of this. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sublimation_(chemistry)
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Sublimation is when a substance goes from a solid state to a gaseous state without going through the liquid state. One example is ice transforming directly to vapor, and skipping
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It is a physical, state of matter change from a solid to a gas (skipping the usual liquid step) Think dry ice (solid CO2) This can occur with CO2 due to the fact that it can not be
Longinus On the Sublime The identity of Longinus, the man who wrote this important collection of writings on the sublime, has never been clearly established by scholars. He was one
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Sublime is a word used to describe something that is highly regardes,of high quality, something that is impressive. It originates from a Latin word sublimes ...
In science, the term sublimation refers to a state when matter undergoes a phase transition directly from a solid form to gaseous form. This form is normally achieved ...
In chemistry, sublimation refers to the transformation of a substance from a solid state to gas state without going through the liquid state. In psychology, sublimation ...
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