What Does Swordfish Taste like?


Swordfish is known to have a taste that is very similar to tuna. There are some who compare the taste to that of a shark. Swordfish is known to have a very dense texture.
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A mild flavored fish. Low oil content. Meaty.
Swordfish is a deep sea white fish. Because it is a salt-water fish, Swordfish tastes
I had swordfish last night. It's fairly meaty, a very dense texture that doesn't fall apart easily when sliced. Not disimmilar to a large pork chop lookswise. Tastewise it doesn't
Well, it tastes kind of like shark... But seriously, it is a heaver fish. It's not quite as fishy as tuna and has a fairly dense
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Total Time: 30 minutes   Yield: 4 servings
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Directions: Combine all ingredients, except swordfish, in a bowl and mix together well. Set aside.Preheat a grill to medium-high, using mesquite wood. Place swordfish on grill and quickly sear. Dredge swordfish in the white wine mixture and then return to the grill. More »
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