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The term tactile refers to something that relates to or proceeds from the sense of touch or contact. This term can also be defined as the act of producing or creating a sensational feeling of touch.
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[tak-til, -tahyl]
of, pertaining to, endowed with, or affecting the sense of touch.
perceptible to the touch; tangible.
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The meaning of tactile is to produce a sensational touch. Tactile people like body contact hence they get close to another and are quick to give hugs and kisses.
Tactile means having the quality of touch, the other answer is correct in sociology. Tactile people like getting close to another and are quick with their hugs and kisses. They like a lot of body contact and closeness with their friends.
Tactile means of or relating to or proceeding from the sense of touch. It can also mean producing a sensation of touch.
Tactile means that something can be felt by touch. Tactile communication provides that people can communicate through touch. There is also tactile hallucinations that allow a person to feel limbs that are not there.
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The term Latin derived word tactile is used when discussing the sensitivity of touch or meaning that something is tangible and able to be touched.
Food is an inexpensive tactile material that can be found around the house. Cooked pasta in different shapes, dry beans, rice and nuts, let young children practice their fine-motor
1 Select a brand, type, and size of paver suitable for your application. Tactile pavers come in sizes and shapes similar to patio type pavers, in varying shapes and sizes. For a public
The definition of tactile is having to do with the sense of touch.
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Tactile is the perceptible to the sense of touch or tangible. Example of a sentence structure is, The thick bright sea blue color give the painting a tactile quality ...
Tactile texture is the kind of texture that can be felt through touching and it rises between two dimensional surfaces. Texture means the softness or roughness ...
tactile agnosia: a loss of the ability to recognize objects by handling them ...
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