What does TBC stand for?


The acronym TBC stands for many different things, including Trinity Baptist Church and The Bible Channel. Other common meanings include to be confirmed, to be continued and to be considered.

An acronym of this type is a form of abbreviation, when the first letters of three words, in this case TBC, are used instead of verbalizing the whole name or phrase.

TBC may also mean:

  • Trinity Bible College
  • Tuberculosis
  • The Boeing Company
  • To be completed
  • To be clarified

There between 60 and 280 meanings of the acronym TBC, and it is used, among others, in the fields of religion, technology, education, health and business. It may be considered a slang term and is also the shortened form of the name of the video game The Burning Crusade, which is part of the World of Warcraft series.

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