What Does TE Quiero Mean?


Te Quiero means I love you in English. The phrase is Spanish and its literal meaning is I want you. Te Quiero has been used as the title of an old Mexican film as well as the title of a song by Stromae.
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'Te adoro' is a Spanish term used to refer to 'I adore you' in English version. It is also used to mean I worship you or I love you. ...
Yo quiero' is Spanish for 'I want.' 'Yo' means me/I. 'Quiero' is the first-person conjugation of the verb 'querer' which means 'to want' or 'to love. ...
Te Deseo is a Spanish word that has several meanings in different phrases, which include; I want you, I want, I desire you, and I wish you. Literally when someone ...
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