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Tessellation is a standard pattern of a shape that fits neatly together. It may also be described as the act of decorating with mosaic. Tessellation is sometimes a complex repeated design that interconnects with another to form striking patterns when applied as a quilt top pattern.
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Tessellations are patterns of polygons which do not overlap or leave gaps between the polygons in the pattern. Examples of tessellations are corncobs, honeycombs and floor tiles.
What are tessellations? A tessellation is a series of shapes that cover a plane without any gaps. It could be like the tile in your shower. This concept was turned into art by M.
( ′tes·ə′lā·shən ) (mathematics) A covering of a plane without gaps or overlappings by polygons, all of which have the same size and shape.
1. Find an A4 size piece of paper. The piece of paper should correspond to the volume of your tessellation. If you want a larger tessellation, choose larger paper. If you want a smaller
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the art or practice of tessellating.
tessellated form or arrangement.
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It depends on how the term is used. Tessellation means to create mosaic patterns using miniature glass or stone squares. This type of art, as I call it, is fun and addictive. The more you play with the different colored tiles, the quicker your creative juices get to flowing. Tessellation also means to put pieces or shapes side by side, that fit together perfectly, without overlapping or leaving gaps. You can find more information here: http://42explore.com/teslatn.htm
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A tessellation is created when a shape is repeated several times covering a plane without any gaps or overlaps. It can also be called tiling. Tessellate means ...
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