What Does the Archangel Michael Look like?


Michael Archangel is usually depicted as a young man who is winged with a strong body and a handsome face. In most photos, he is usually carrying a sword, shield and often a spear too and usually has the scales of justice in his hand.
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The word archangel means "chief of the angels." The name Michael means "one who is like God." So Michael the Archangel is the leader of the angels, who is like
St. Michael is a pure spirit so is invisible unless he takes on human form.
1. Start with one problem. Decide upon one life area or situation in which you would like Archangel Michael to assist. Michael's attributes and associations include personal, family
1 Find a pleasant space to work in. Sit in a comfortable chair or if you'd prefer, lie down. Just make sure your head is supported. Ad 2 Imagine little roots coming down from the
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