What does the Christmas tree symbolize?


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The tradition of displaying decorated fir trees in the home at Christmas dates back to the 1500's in Germany, though decorating the home with evergreen boughs during winter had been done since ancient times in Europe.
Trees and plants that stay green during the cold winter months, such as the fir tree, were believed to ward off evil spirits, and were symbols of life and resurrection.
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Such common choices for tree toppers as stars and angels represent Jesus's birth, as they were both present at the time, according to the Bible story. The presents that are placed below the tree are believed to continue the tradition of giving gifts, as God gave humanity Jesus as a gift, the Three Wise Men gave Jesus gifts at his birth and then Jesus gave humanity the gift of trading his life for the eradication of sin on the cross, or tree.

The first historical mention of a Christmas tree was in Germany in 1521, though the tree was not lit. The first historical use of a Christmas tree inside a house as an indoor decoration came from Strasbourg in 1605. Use of Christmas trees as holiday decorations spread through Germany to the remainder of Europe, and then to America from immigrants and European soldiers.

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