What Does a Chupacabra Look like?


Descriptions of a Chupacabra vary, and no one has produced undisputable evidence of its existence. Its said to prominently appear in three specific forms. Firstly as a lizard-like being, appearing to have leathery or scaly greenish skin and sharp spines running down its back, a kangaroo, and it has coarse fur with greyish facial hair and a head similar to a dog's and finally, as a strange breed of wild dog that is mostly hairless, has a pronounced spinal ridge, unusually pronounced eye sockets, teeth, and claws, but is otherwise a typical canine.
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A Chupacabra is a crazy looking thing. No one knows exactly what it looks like. It ranges from a demon like creature to something that looks like a wild dog. You can find more information here: http://www.buzzybloggers.com/news/2249/chupacabra-pictures-revealed/
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