What does the cotton plant look like?


Cotton plants produce cotton which is used to make clothes; it grows into shrubs 6 to 20 m high. Its leaves are broad and have three to five lobes, fruits are creamy and produce white flowers which later turn deep pink and fall off, leaving seed pods called cotton bolls.
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The cotton plant looks like a small tree or shrub and is between two and five feet tall. Cotton seeds are planted in the spring. In three weeks flower buds come out. The flower bud [called a square] blooms into a white flower. When the flower dries and falls off, a seed pod is formed. Each branch of the cotton plant might grow several bolls. Cotton is used in making clothes and textiles. It is used a lot because it is easy to spin into yarn, and can be washed and dyed. Cottonseed is also used for furniture padding, cotton swabs, and in the manufacturing of plastics, rayon, and lacquers. The leftovers [the husks] are used as cattle feed. The seed centres are used for cottonseed oil. Other parts of the cotton plant are used for feed, flour, oil refining, and other industrial products.
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