What Does the FAA Do?


The purpose of the FAA is to maintain safety of civil aviation, develop and encourage civil aeronautics, develop and maintain the air traffic control system for both civil and military aircraft, research and development of the national airspace system, and to regulate U.S. commercial space transportation. For more information on other activities of the FAA visit
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The FAA is the federal aviation agency. They are an agency within the Department of Transportation. Their job is to make sure the public is safe on airplanes.You can find more information
FAA is the Federal Aviation Authority.
1. Search the FAA employee directory. The Federal Aviation Administration website provides an online employee directory. You can search for an FAA employee by last name; the search
abbr. 1. Federal Aviation Administration. 2. (in the UK) Fleet Air Arm. See the Introduction, Abbreviations and Pronunciation for further details.
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FAA is an acronym that is abbreviated in various definitions such as; Federal Aviation Administration, For Almost All, Fornicators Against Aviators, Free Air adventures ...
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) employs more than 46,000 ...
They only ask for a three year history, and if it's "none", write none. DO NOT LIE on the form, this is falsification of a Federal document and they ...
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