What Does the Giant Squid Eat?


A giant squid eats orange ruffles, hokies, other small squid and deep sea fishes. Not much is known about the eating habits of a giant squid. A giant squid is a carnivorous mollusk that has a long body shaped like a torpedo.
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Giant squid eat there own kind (giant squid!
Giant squid eat deep sea fish such as orange ruffie, and hokie. They also eat squids and
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Well squid generally eat fish, they do have a penchant for soft bodied animals. Giant squid have been known to attack sperm whales. This is only known from the scars that are present
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Giant squids eat deep-sea fishes for instance orange ruffie and hokie. In addition, they also consume other fish and giant squid. These animals are normally preyed upon by the sperm whale and can grow up to 1.52 metres long.
Studies have proved that giant squid feeds on deep sea fishes such as hokie, orange ruffie and other deep-sea squids. A giant squid is a deep ocean creature which grows up to a maximum size of 13 meters.
The giant squid feeds on deep-sea fishes, such as hokie and orange ruffie. They also consume shrimps, plankton and some other species of squids like deep-sea squids, but not architeuthis. All squid species are actually carnivorous.
The giant squid prefers to eat small fish and shrimp but they will eat larger fish like sharks. They are cannibals. They will eat other squid. You can find more information here: http://www.smithlifescience.com/GiantSquid.htm
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Giant squids will eat fish, especially orange ruffie, but they have also been known to other squids, as long as they are not their own kind! ...
The Giant Squid's size is mainly due to tentacle length. One of the adaptation of the Giant Squid is rows of teeth in the suckers. The females are larger, up to ...
The interesting fact about giant squids is that a female is relatively larger than the male. They have a very short lifespan of three years and believed to have ...
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