What Does the Golgi Apparatus Do?


The main function of Golgi apparatus is to package and process the macromolecules like proteins, lipids etc. that are synthesized by the cell. It also helps in synthesis of substances like phospholipids and production of lysosomes.
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Golgi Apparatus
The Golgi apparatus (GA), also called Golgi body or Golgi complex and found universally in both plant and animal cells, is typically comprised of a series of five to eight cup-shaped, membrane-covered sacs called cisternae that look something like... More »
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There are various facts about the golgi apparatus. First, it was discovered in the year, 1898 by Italian microbiologist, Camilo Golgi. This is where its name originated ...
The golgi apparatus found in most eukaryotic cells plays the function of packaging macromolecules such as proteins and lipids that are synthesized in the cells ...
A golgi apparatus, or golgi complex, is the main organelle responsible for mediating the transportation of protein and fat within the cell, according to Scitable ...
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