What Does the House of Lords Do?


The Lords work in Parliaments second chamber, the House of Lords. Making laws takes up the bulk of the House of Lords time, and Members are involved throughout the process of proposing, revising and amending legislation. Also, the Lords check the work of the Government by questioning and debating decisions made by Ministers and Government Departments.
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The House of Lords has the role of revising legislation as the second Chamber of the UK parliament. It also has the function of checking the government for excesses by scrutinising government activities. It has the ability to put insights into operations of government as advisors due to its varied professionals and also has some judicial power as an appellate court.
The House of Lords is the second chamber of the UK parliament which is independent from, but compliments the work of, the House of Commons. Members of the Lords play a vital role making laws and keeping an eye on the decisions and actions of Government.
The House of Lords is defined as the second chamber of the UK Parliament that is fully independent from the House of Commons and also complements their work. Members of the Lords participate in the vital role of laws making and keeping a check on the government.
House of Lords refers to the nonselective chamber of Parliament that is composed of or made up of peers and bishops. This term can also be defined as the upper house that belongs to the British parliament.
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The House of Lords is one of the three parts of the Parliament of The United Kingdom, The House of Lords is the upper house, with the House of Commons being the Lower House. The third
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n. ( Abbr. HL ) The upper house of Parliament in the United Kingdom, made up of members of the nobility and high-ranking clergy.
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