What Does the Human Resources Department Do?


The HR department provides comprehensive human resource management services for the company. Its main functions include :recruitment and selection processes; classification and pay systems; policy development and management; employee training and development programs; equal employment opportunity and affirmative action programming; and humanistic services such as Employee Assistance Programs (EAP).
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What Does the Human Resource Department Do?
Ever since the father of scientific management, Frederick Taylor, and later Peter Drucker started classifying industrial workers and working masses as the real assets of organizations and businesses, the concept of human resources management has gained... More »
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Human resource department is responsible for the hiring, paying, firing and training of the employees in an organisation. They are also involved in communication, leadership, policy recommendations and organisation development.
The human resource department deals with the affairs of the staff. Its tasks include contributing to the growth of and the achievement of the organization wide business plan and objectives, organizational success through knowledge about and encouragement of people, implementation of successful change strategies and staffing of employees.
The HR department devises or charts out the macro human resources management strategy and recruitment policies of an organization,draws up compensation packages, benefits programs, incentives policies, health care insurance, and all employee-related rewards and emolument packages, coordinates and conducting training programs for employees.
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The phone number for the human resources department at Sears is 1-888-88SEARS (1-888-887-3277). Representatives are available to assist callers Monday through ...
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