What Does a Hymen Look like?


The hymen looks like a fringe of tissue around the vaginal opening. This piece of tissue is not intact but rather it is draped across the vagina opening. Some girls are not born with it while others are born with a very small piece of it.
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Only a doctor can examine and tell if this is
you can go to yahoo main page and at the top of the search bar choose images and then type in hymen it will show you medically what it is.
ZekeZ wrote: Your normal. The hymen can stretch and it will gradually get easier to insert your fingers. Why so much worry over your hymen? If it breaks it breaks. Lots of girls saving
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The female hymen is a ring-like part of the female vagina that forms a ring around the vaginal opening. As the hymen starts to wear down due to sexual or other ...
A broken hymen usually appears torn; the tearing process is normally accompanied by some bleeding and slight pain. In essence, every hymen is a little different ...
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