Are Koi Fish Edible?


Koi fish represent strength and power because they are often able to lift their entire body up, jump out of the water and move upstream.
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A Japanese Koi is said to represent a person being a non-conformist - like a fish swimming upstream against the current. It is also thought to represent strength in the time of adversity
Koi fish symbolize many things including: courage, ability to attain goals, and
Koi fish represent overcoming obstacles, courage & the ability to attain high goals. We say facing up!
1. Prepare your pond or water garden to receive the koi fish. Koi can grow quite large, so a larger pond is ideal. The depth should be anywhere from 18 inches to several feet. Movement
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The koi fish is a popular breed of fish in Japan. The koi fish represents strength, perseverance or victory and independence.
In Chinese culture, the koi represents worldly aspirations and advancements. In Japan, the fish is associated with masculine and positive qualities. For some, the koi is a symbol of courage, overcoming life's obstacles, and the ability to attain high goals.
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In East Asian culture, the colors of koi fish represent different qualities pertaining to strength, ambition and dedication. Black koi represent the overcoming ...
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