What Does the Legendary Hero Hercules Have to Do with the Greek Measurment System?


What the legendary hero Hercules has to do with Greek measurement system is in his foot. It was his foot that was used for the actual measurement for the foot. It was their fundamental unit of length.
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Through my research I have found that the Greeks used the foot a unit of measurement. The Greeks believed that man was the measure of all things and their legends say that when they decided that the foot would be their standard unit of measure, it would be Hercules foot that represented that measurement. The joke is that Hercules had some big feet, 600 of his feet end to end would measure the length of the Greek Olympic Stadium. You can find more information here: http://www.mlahanas.de/Greeks/HerculesOlympics.htm
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The Greeks were the first people to develop the foot as a form of measurement. According to legend, the measurement was based on the length of the foot of Hercules ...
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