What Does the Lord Chancellor Do?


The Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, is one of the most senior and important functionaries in the government of the United Kingdom. The Lord Chancellor's responsibilities include: presiding over the House of Lords, participating in the Cabinet, acting as the custodian of the Great Seal and heading the judiciary.
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The Lord High Chancellor in the UK as of 2009 is Jack Straw. He is responsible for the efficient running of the courts. He is also custodian of the Great Seal.
n. , pl. , Lords Chancellor . The presiding officer of the House of Lords.
lord high chancellor: the highest officer of the Crown who is head of the judiciary and who presides in the House of Lords
He's there to retrospectively justify whatever the government does and to convince us that it is legal. (Chief Law Officer)
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The role of the Lord Chancellor is to make sure there is competent performance and sovereignty of courts of law. The Lord Chancellor was previously the head of ...
The current Lord High chancellor of Great Britain is Kenneth Clarke who assumed office in May 2010. It is an important and senior office in the United Kingdom ...
The Lord Chancellor is a senior and important functionary in the government of the United Kingdom. The role of the Lord Chancellor is to separate different responsibilities ...
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