What Does the Meningitis Rash Look like?


Meningitis is a dangerous disease that involves the swelling of the brain and spinal cord. A rash can be one of its many symptoms. The rash that accompanies meningitis appears as tiny brown or red marks that can change into larger purple blisters. To check to see if a rash could be a result of meningitis, press a clear drinking glass against the rash. If the spots can be seen through the glass, then meningitis may be its cause. The meningitis rash can occur anywhere on the body, including inside the mouth or eyelids.
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A meningitis rash is normally deep red in colour and is normally very itchy. The rash is usually detected by performing a test known as a glass test which determines the condition of the rash or whether it needs serious medical attention.
The meningitis rash is red or purple and it first develops as small spots which may occur in clusters anywhere in the body. They most often grow to become blemished and appear like little bruises.
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