What does the Mercalli scale measure?


The Mercalli intensity scale is a seismic scale that is used for computing the strength of an earthquake. The scale calculates the aftermath of an earthquake based on the observations of the people who experienced the earthquake, objects of nature and man-made constructions on a scale from I to XII.
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The Mercalli scale measures the strength of an earthquake kind of like the Richter Scale but this scale uses the observations of the people who was in the earthquake to estimate its intensity.
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Mercalli Scale is a seismic scale used for measuring the intensity of an earthquake. It measures the effects of an earthquake, and is distinct from the moment ...
The Mercalli scale, developed by Giuseppe Mercalli in 1902, is a measure of an earthquake's destructiveness. The scale was modified by American seismologists in ...
the Mercalli scale was invented in 1902 by Guisseppe Mercalli. The Mercalli scale is used to measure the intensity of an earthquake. ...
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