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The name Cheryl is of French origin and the meaning of the name is 'beloved'. The name is also of English origin where its meaning is 'darling gem'. The name is generally used as a girl's anme and it has no nicknames. It has variant spellings Sharyl and Sheryl.
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Cheryl is a name commonly given to girls and it means 'beloved'. It originates from French but is also of English origin, where it means 'darling gem'. It is pronounced Che-ryl and consists of six letters and two syllables.
The name Cheryl is of French origin and means 'beloved'. It is also of English origin where it means 'darling gem'. It is generally a girl's name. Sheryl, Sharyl and Sherill are some variant spellings of the name.
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Cheryl is not a word but a name that is often given to children of the female gender. This name is of French origin and it means beloved. This name is very popular ...
The origin of the name Cheryl is believed to be French meaning 'dear one', 'beloved' or 'darling'. Among popular people with this name are Cheryl Valentine, Scottish ...
The name Cheryl is of French and Greek origin but commonly used in English speaking countries. It means 'cherry fruit; green gemstone' and is a derivative of Cherie ...
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