What Does the Name Dracula Mean?


The name Dracula means 'son of Dracul'. In Romanian, the name Dracul which refers to the father of Dracula bears the meaning 'dragon' or 'devil' hence, the name Dracula translates to 'son of the devil' or 'son of the dragon'.
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It is said that Bram Stoker based his character of Dracula on Vlad Tepes, son of Vlad Dracul and Duk of Wallachia. His fondness for impaling his enemies earned him he nickname of
Vlad was Prince of Wallachia, part of southern Romania. He was most likely born there in the early 1430s. Vlad took over Wallachia in 1456, during a turbulent period in the area's
If you ment Dracula, he's a vampire. Count Dracula is based on a historical figure called Vlad Tepes the Impaler. Count Dracula has fangs and sucks blood of innocent people. He also
1 Draw a long cross in the middle of the page. This will be the skeleton of the body. Ad 2 Draw two circles, one large and one smaller. Th
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Dracula may refer to a fictional character from the 'Castlevania' video game series whose real name is Mathias Cronqvist or Gabriel Belmont. It may also refer ...
In order of age: Verona, Marishka, Aleera. ...
In order of age: Verona, Marishka, Aleera. ...
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