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The name Kyle means 'narrow' or 'straight.' This name is of Gaelic origin and it is used mostly as a boy's name though it can also apply as a girl's name. It has eight variant forms that include Kiley, Kye, Kylan, Kylar and Kylen.
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First Names: Kyle
1. Arabic: Beloved
2. Irish: Narrow land; handsome
3. Irish: The narrows; a place where cattle graze; a wood; a church
Source: baby-names.familyeducation.com
The meaning of the name Kyle is narrow or straight and it is of Gaelic origin. The name is unisexual and therefore used as a boy's and as a girl's name. It is a very popular first name for boys and also a common surname for people in both sexes.
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Kyle is a traditional Gaelic boy's name. However, it is a name that is often given to girls as well. The meaning of the name Kyle is "straight ...
Kylee means narrow piece of land. It is generally used as a girls name and is of Scottish origin. The name is pronounced as Kylee and is a variant spelling of ...
Kyle is a boy's name of Gaelic and English origin and has the same meaning. It can be defined as 'strait of water' in both origins and is pronounced as 'kile'. ...
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