What Does the O in O'clock Mean?


The word o'clock is an adverb that refers to the clock by specifying a particular hour of the day. The twelve o'clock is normally considered to be directly ahead in a horizontal position. The name indicates the direction or position that is read on the clock.
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The 'O' in O' clock stands for 'of the', referring to 'according to the clock'. O' clock is used following a digit from one to twelve as an indication of the hour. One must therefore specify whether the reference is of day or night.
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A time of the day. If you mean something else, then please be less vague.
1. Fill a clean saucer with room temperature water and submerge the seed in the water. Place the saucer in an out-of-way place and let the seed soak overnight. In the morning, the
The term "o'clock" means "on the clock" or "of the clock." It is often used in formal speech when a person is trying to tell time, at exactly a full
(ə-klŏk') adv. Of or according to the clock: three o'clock. According to an imaginary clock dial with the observer at the center and 12 o'clock considered as straight ahead
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A time of the day. If you mean something else, then please be less vague. ...
The o in o'clock is an abbreviation or shortened word from the reply in olden times, when asked what the time was. It means, of the clock, that is, according to ...
O'clock means "Of or according to the clock". ...
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